What are you doing here?

Or... possibly more important... what is this web page doing here?

This web page exists to provide information about me. How very conceited. If you wanted to know who Michael Ralston is, then you have come to the right place. If you don't care, then go somewhere else.

First thing... there seem to be quite a few Michael Ralston's living on this planet. Last time I Googled myself there were 43,600 results, 670 from Australia.

So what makes me so special? Lots of things, you can read more about my special features on the other pages of this website.

As a brief summary...

  • I'm an Aspie. That is I've most likely inherited a genetic difference, called Asperger syndrome which manifests itself in some challenges to me and those who deal with me.
  • I live near Maitland, NSW, Australia with my Autistic son, Toby and his Mum, Sharon.
  • I have completed a Computer Science degree at Newcastle University.
  • I enjoy pc video gaming, and have a nice little collection of games on Steam.
  • I've spent a fair bit of time tinkering with Linux, as a desktop system, an Internet provider and web host, and even played with MythTV for a while.
  • I play guitar, on and off since around 1995. I enjoy blues, rock, 80s, heavy metal to mention a few.
You can also check out these pages if you really want to know more...